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800,000 jobs could be created overseas, more than 70,000 jobs in china alone. the president, the campaign trying to pain this picture that mitt romney's policies, while he might talk about his experience as a businessman, all of the years that he spent at bain capital, his years spent as the governor of massachusetts, he may talk about all of that, but at end of the day, his economic policies will be bad for americans and in particular, in the state of ohio, that expansion of jobs overseas in places like china would be of the expense of the people of ohio. suzanne? >> we also expect the president to keep the focus on the romney taxes and personal finances. is he still going to make that push? does that seem something that is sticking? >> reporter: he isn't backing down. the president was asked whether they would apologize, mitt romney wanted time apologize for the attacks and in local
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interviews the president said he was not back down. he believes this is fair game that mitt romney, again, has been promoting himself as someone who can create jobs and so everything he says should be questioned. take a listen. >> my understanding is, is that mr. romney attested to the s.e.c. multiple times that he was the chairman, ceo and president of bain capital and i think most americans figure if you're the chairman, ceo and president of a company, that you are responsible for what that company does. >> reporter: and why is this time line important? well, because mitt romney says that he was not part of bain capital in 19 -- after 1999, and that -- after that point is what the obama campaign has been saying that the company, bain capital, was involved in outsourcing jobs. so romney has been able to sort of distance himself from those claims by saying he was not part of the company.
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but, of course, the obama campaign saying just take a look at the s.e.c. filings and you'll find his name was there as part of the company, president, ceo and chairman. >> i want to bring in jim from the romney campaign to sort all of this out. jim -- >> covering the romney campaign. >> covering, sorry. we know you're covering it not with the campaign. but they're trying to get out ahead of the president's speech. what have they put out? what have they told you? >> one thing they have done today, they dispatched rob portman, republican senator from ohio mentioned a lot on mitt romney's vice presidential selection list. of course the romney campaign hasn't said anything officially about rob portman but everybody assumes he's one of the top contenders and he was out in ohio earlier this afternoon, actually within the last hour, sort of giving a rebuttal to the president's remarks saying, looking the president has been attacking mitt romney personally
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in the last several days. he said that this is all because the president wants to did track the voters from the real issue that's go on in this country and that is the economy. so there they're already going out with a big gun, that is rob portman. the other way they're responding to the obama campaign, suzanne, they put out a new web video this morning. you want to take a look at this because it's sort of respond together ad the president released over the weekend that mocked mitt romney's singing "america the beautiful" the romney campaign came up with their own incarnation of what is this "american idol," both candidates singing on the campaign trail. here's how the romney campaign responded with their webcam pain this morning. ♪ i am so in love with you
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>> now, i will tell you that that web video's a reference to the whole controversy over solyndra and the accusations that have been made by republicans that the president worded -- that the president administration awarded energy dollars to solyndra, which is a bankrupt solar panel firm in exchange for campaign contributions with -- from people close to that company. but putting all of that aside, when you have both campaigns making fun of one another, and their singing voices that's when we've officially gotten into the sandbox and they're kicking sand at each other. >> it's weird to hear his voice in that. makes it sound ominous. thank you. covering the campaign. >> that's right, covering it. >> i knew that's what you meant.
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>> all right. keep the good coverage going. florida officials say they just want to make sure that only eligible citizens get a chance to vote. well after weeks of legal back and forth, the state's allowed to use a federal database to remove noncitizens from the voter rolls. critics say this process targets poor and minority voters. but florida's governor says it's going to help improve the election process. john zarrella reporting from miami. >> reporter: for months state of florida wrangling with the federal government over access to a federal database. now this federal database has lists of people who are in the country legally but not eligible to vote. well, over the weekend, florida and the department of homeland security finally arrived at an agreement which will allow florida access to that database so that it can go through and look for people in the state who probably shouldn't be on the voter rolls. now, governor rick scott said this morning on cnn that this
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was, in fact, an important step. >> i don't know anybody, any supervisor of election or anybody in the state thinks nonu.s. citizens ought to be voting our races. it's good for all of the citizens. >> reporter: officials will have to be trained on exactly how to use that database, how to go through that database. once that happens they'll begin the process of sending names of questionable people to supervisors of elections in the various counties. now, democrats are saying already that, look, it seems very suspicious that governors in republican states all of a sudden have gotten together and are trying to go through and purge voter records. >> what i fine disingenuous is the fact that all of these republican governors from all over the country who live thousands of miles apart seem to have come up with a situation where they've come up with the same idea of a voter purge at
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the same time and with the very same methodology. i'm skeptical. there's very few coincidences in life. and there are none in politics. >> reporter: critics hope using the federal database will make this a more fair process. but at the sam time, they say this is not an apple pie issue and they are concerned it will still single out minority groups. suzanne in. >> thank you. in egypt we just got word that two americans who had been kidnapped are now free. egyptian tour guide also released. they were kidnapped when the tour bus was stopped in the sinai peninsula. that happened friday. all three are in good condition. u.s. embassy personnel are on their way to actually see them. reverend michel louis a pastor at the boston church. he told our reporter just moments ago he is okay. he's in good spirits. he has not, however, had his diabetes medicine since friday. he's a little bit tired. more details and a live update from cairo moments away. and this developing story
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from the persian gulf. u.s. officials tell us that a navy shape fired on a small boat that got too close. one person on board was apparently killed. it happened ten miles from the port in dubai. navy says sailors gave a verbal warning, fires least one warning shot before firing on that boat to disable it. here what happens we're, working on for this hour. major security lapses at london's heathrow airport. several people on a terror watch list have slipped into the country. with the olympics just days away. are inexperiences guards putting athletes in danger. withering under the heat, so are many of the country's crops. that means you could see food prices jump more than 40%. and the road to recovery. a south carolina mom fighting for her life. diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease days after giving birth to twins. now, she's speaking out for the first time. now you can apply sunblock
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in the battle against the virus that causes aids. moments ago we learned the fda approve the first medication to reduce hiv risk. want to bring in elizabeth cohen who joins us greenville, south carolina, to talk about what does this mean. >> reporter: you know, this is interesting because, as you said, this is a drug to prevent hiv infections, suzanne. a drug which is being taken by patients who already have hiv. but this would be the scenario for this would be let's say a gay man my want to take it because he's at high risk for getting hiv and takes it when he's healthy so he won't become infected. now, there's a but here and it's a big one. critic of the drug say why would a healthy person want to take a drug that could get them sick? because truvada can have side effects, thin bones, give people kidney problems. critics say why not use condoms, why take a drug when you're
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healthy? >> give us a sense of the cost of the drug. is this something widely accessible or aforable to most people? >> reporter: it's pretty expensive and it will be interesting to see if insurance companies pay for it. it's about $1200 a month. so it will be interesting if a healthy person says, hey, i'm a gay man, i want to take this drug, will you pay $1200 to take this preventive drug? it will be interesting to see what insurance companies do, if they'll pay for it or not. >> do we knee if this is the kind of drug that everyone can tolerate, whether or not you're a woman at risk or a man at risk or even, you know, somebody else who is identified in a high-risk group? >> reporter: you know, i think it's not so much a matter of gender. there are some people, someone with kidney issues, there would be concerns there about those people taking this drug. but again, this is not a drug to be taken lightly. it's not just like, say, taking a vitamin. it's a drug that can, in some cases, not most cases, but some
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cases cause big problems. someone wants to think a lot before they would go on this drug. >> how big a deal is this, elizabeth in? it takes a while for the fda to approve certain drugs. is this something in the pipeline, in the works, for a while? >> reporter: it has been in the works for a long time. the reason why this is a big deal, again, is that this is preventive, this is not something you take when you already have hiv. i mean people are already doing that now. but this new approval is for people who are perfectly healthy but worried that they might get hiv. a drug to prevent hiv is a very different scenario. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, thank you. very important development. london, there's some very serious concerns that are being raised over olympic security. hundreds of athletes there are starting to arrive today the observer newspaper is now reporting that the last couple weeks several people on a terror watch list were waved through at the airport instead of being
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flagged. organizers there scrambling also to fill thousands of security jobs after the main contractor said they would not be able to provide 10,000 staff that they promised. joining us now from london, dan rivers. sounds like a hot mess. first of all, give us the update on these folks on the terror watch list. do we believe they are out there and in the country, just kind of walking around, or what do we know about that group? >> reporter: yeah, no, i think that the home office here, which is the equivalent of the department of homeland security, is very firmly saying, absolutely not. there is no evidence that they've got that people on the terror watch list have slipped through the net because of failures at the borders. they do admit that they have increased the number of people checking passports and some of those people are not regular border force employees. some of them are retired police officers, some of them are people from other sectors of
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government who aren't normally there checking passports but they are absolutelied ament all of the checks carried out are being carried out, there have been no slip-ups, no suspected terror suspects slip through the net, they say, as a result of the extra staff members who aren't used to checking passports and who aren't normally on the front line of the frontier. >> dan, it seems hard to believe that there are no problems. i know they say there are no problems going on. when you look at the private security company, trained of 5,000 or so, still 9,000 something to go. how is that going, that they are actually taking these folks and getting them trained within days to do that kind of checking that's necessary? >> reporter: well, this is an area where there is genuine cause for concern, i think. the private security firm g4s admitted admitted it cannot provide the 10,000 guards it's contracted to do. back in december 2010, they
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agreed to provide 2,000 guards. that number was increased by the olympic organizers to 10,000. now at that point this private security firm said, yeah, no problem we can provide it. then according to the home secretary last wednesday, she said that she was made aware that in fact they can't provide that number because of problems with their scheduling and with their computer systems. this is what the home secretary theresa may had to say by way of explanation in the house of commons be hind me a short time ago. >> in fact we have accredited over 20,000 personnel. the issue is in getting staff to the venue security task. >> reporter: she's saying the problem comes down to scheduling, in how they're going to get the staff to the right place at the right time given there's been this snarl up with the computer systems. that's why the army is -- >> in light of that, dan, how concerned are people of their safety who are there and arriving for the games?
1:18 pm
>> reporter: well, i mean, you know there is genuine cause for concern. there's a lot of very unhappy soldiers who are being forced to step into the breach 3,500, some them canceling summer holidays as a result of this fiasco. clearly, there are concerns whether there's enough people guarding the sites. the private company concern still can't say for sure how many staff they can supply and if they're going to turn up at right time. >> all right. dan rivers, thank you. two americans are now free after being kidnapped in egypt. we'll take you live to cairo. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on.
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egypt, the two americans who have been kidnapped are now free. their egyptian tour guide also has been released. they were kidnapped went their tour bus was stopped in the sinai peninsula friday. they're in good condition. u.s. personnel are on their way to see them. mohammed just talked to one of them who was held hostage, that is pastor michel louis. and the journalist is joining us from cairo. you say that you spoke with the
1:22 pm
pastor. he seemed overwhelmed but also said thank god that he's actually free? >> that's correct. i spoke to mr. michel louis. he said all i can say is thank god and thanks to our governors for securing our release. we are heading directly to israel to join the members of our church. as soon as we get our passports sent to us from cairo. i tell my family back home i'm in good health and good spirits but i have not taken my medicine since friday, but i'm tired. i spoke to lisa, she said i'm happy we were treated well. also the interpreter told us he's okay, he's going back to cairo. they seem to be in good spirits. the kidnapper escaped and the police have not given in to his requests and did not release the detained uncle. >> how was he release sflds do you know how this happened? did he explain? >> it happened really quick. i got a call from the police station the hostages have
1:23 pm
arrived to the station. we are trying to find out more details of what happened exactly but we know that authorities did not give in, which is a good thing because it would have taken it as a call for them to conduct more kidnaps. right now the u.s. embassy is bringing them from cairo to the freed americans and they will continue their trip to israel to join the members of the church. they were here in sinai on a missionary trip, and they are very glad and they will continue their mission. >> is there somebody, mohammed, who is going to get the medicine to him that he need, the diabetes medication? >> indeed. they will be getting him some medicine, especially he had not received any medicine and he has suffered a minor diabetic attack, according to the authorities. he told me that on the phone himself. but he seems in good spirit. we also have some video that will be coming to cnn of him at the police station and we are working closely to stay with him
1:24 pm
and follow up on the story. >> tell us about the suspected kidnapper here. how was he able to escape? >> he's a well-known criminal from one of the biggest tribes in sinai. he's very connected and knows the back areas and the mountains of sinai. i'm not surprised that he went as a fugitive, again. he's been wanted for a 100-year sentence, he's been a fugitive for a long time. basically the authorities will probably release a statement soon regarding this matter. >> thank you very much. good reporting as always. appreciate it. historic settlement, visa mastercard forced to pay $7 billion to retailers. but that could mean more fees for you. don't forget, watch cnn live on your computer while at work. head to ♪ ♪
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three more men come forward to accuse jerry sandusky of sex abuse. they were abused in the '70s or '80s. now, sandusky convicted already of 45 counts of sex abuse last month. the attorney general has not said yet if there will be more charges filed. good news for citi group. early trading day shares were up for the world's third largest bank, even after they reported 12% drop in net income. better number than experts predicted. shares of visa/mastercard up today. investors reacting to friday's news that financial firms settled antitrust lawsuit. retailers are claim that large banks conspired to fix credit card fees. settlement valued at $7 billion. congressmen jesse jackson jr. has gotten support now from house leaders since the
1:29 pm
announcement he's being treat ford what they were calling a mood disorder. the secrecy over the illness is fueling speculation, raising questions. he has not been on capitol hill since late may. "chicago sun-times" editorial columnist mary mitchell says jackson soweses a constituents n explanation. mary mitchell joins us live. you write that, quote, here everyone is tiptoeing around the fact that his disappearance is beyond strange. it's an extreme dereliction of his duties. how is this seek cressty hurting him in do you think it's hurting his potential, his future here? >> well, i think that, as long as people are not clear about what is really happening with him, the situation then becomes one of speculation. who knows? if you don't know exactly what's going on, you're saying all kinds of things.
1:30 pm
i think it's the speculation that is hurting him. his constituents can deal with if it's a mental disorder or a mood disorder or even if he just has some kind of emotional breakdown. i think his constituents can deal with that. as long as this goes on without being any clear facts it's a matter of disregarding transparency and if there's expectation that people, the public has a right to know what's going on with their elected official, that's what can hurt him. >> you've been covering the jackson family, chicago politics for 20 years. you would know. the jacksons, and you put it in your article, bask in light, they don't hide from it. so being -- >> here's an opportunity. >> sure. >> here's an opportunity -- go ahead. >> for the jackson, congressman jackson and the jackson family to show leadership on a major issue that impacts the african-american community but also just the community at large, and that is if it is a mood disorder or mental illness, there's a stigma attached to
1:31 pm
that. here's an opportunity for the congressman and his family to stand up to that and say, wait a minute, you know, this is something that we need to deal with. and this is something that the public has dealt with. he could be a leader on this issue instead of hiding from it. >> do you think that the reason why he's hiding it from it or the family's hiding from it potentially indicates this is worse than what the family's indicating or implying? >> well, again, we're back to speculation. it could be an indication that the family's actually plotting or planning to do something chicago-style politics and that is, the congressman could resign during the general election and then some other family member be put on the ballot. that's happened in the past. so we don't know. and i think that's the problem. >> is there speculation that's actually potentially part of what's behind this? >> there's speculation. there is speculation that he could resign. and there's speculation that his wife sandy jackson could be placed on the ballot.
1:32 pm
that could happen here, given the way our system works. the war bosses could get together and decide, you know what? we're going to put somebody else's name on there and if they put sandy jackson's name on it, she could end up going to the congress without having to face an election bid this time around. that could happen. it's happened in the past. >> to be clear, there's no evidence that that's happening now, it's just simply something people are talking about, right? >> that's speculation. that's what people are talking. and we do have examples in chicago of that happening. we have u.s. representative dan lipinski, when he decided he was going to resign at last minute, then his son was able to be put on the ballot. we've seen that before. that is what becomes the problem. if it's simply he's tired, he is exhausted, he's beaten down, and then he had to take a rest, that's one thing. but if there's some plan afoot to do something else politically, at the end of his rest, i think that would cause a
1:33 pm
problem. >> just a timetable question quickly here. that is weeks or months away? is there some sort of deadline that anybody's working on to sort this all out? >> well, one deadline would have been passed already, put in an independent person, someone from an independent party, on to the ballot. but if he resigns, very cles to the general elections, then the democratic party would have to put somebody on that ballot so that deadline has not yet passed. >> mary mitchell, thank you for your context and perspective. a brutal drought in our nation's heartland. more than a third of the crops are willing under the heat. could mean huge price jumps in favorite foods. e ttin a dependable clean -in the bathroom? -[ gasps ] [ female announcer ] think again. try charmin ultra strong. for a clean that passes inspection with fewer pieces left behind. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable
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this year's drought one of the worst in u.s. history. 2012 is being compared to the dust bowl of the '30s.
1:37 pm
more than 1,000 counties in 26 states have declared themselves drought natural disaster areas. want to bring in chad meyers to talk about this. tell us why this is happening and how widespread. >> the reason it's happening is because there's a big ridge of high pressure observe the united states causing the heat, fires in colorado, as well, the heat there. and that has not allowed rain. the lack of rain is right in the breadbasket, right where america makes all of its crops, right through iowa, illinois, indiana, nebraska, oklahoma, kansas, even arkansas. and into kentucky as well. i'll show you a map here in a little bit. you haven't focused on this because most of the news organizations are focused in the north. northeast, not much drought there. looks pretty good. had a lot of rain, crops are doing great. if you move to where people really grow stuff in southern minnesota, back to nebraska, kansas, here with the breadbasket of the u.s. right through there, that's where the really -- there really hasn't been any rainfall in the past
1:38 pm
couple of weeks and that's a bad thing. we're not going to get the corn crop, we're not going to get production and the number of acres and bushels of corn ut of the acres that we need across the countrier. this brown area says not much more rain, and that's for the next 30 to 60 days. one of the top ten droughts in the past 100 years. i used to own a corn farm. i used to tell my corn for $2 a bush until 1985. the bushels today are $7.50. i know there's inflation but not 3 1/2 times. >> you used to own a corn farm? >> i did. >> you never cease to amaze me. you surprise me every day. you fly planes, own a cornfield. >> i've had many lives. >> you have. we'll have to talk about corn sometime. >> fair enough. >> and i want to talk about corn here. what chad is talking about the worst damage to the corn crops means higher prices in different things. want to bring in alison kosik of the new york stock exchange. did you hear that? chad had a corn farm.
1:39 pm
>> i'm amazed. so you know he probably can relate to this. talking about corn prices here. you know over the past month, suzanne, prices for corn have gone up more than 40% because of those extreme drought conditions that he was talking. even wheat and soybean prices are also going up as the drought drags on and on. when you think of corn as a commodity, it's just like stocks. it's like oil or gold. what it does, it trades on the open market in the form of a futures contract. so one analyst says it could take up to 6 to 12 months before we see a spike in prices at the grocery store. what food companies try to do, though, they try to hedge those costs and not really pass it on to consumers in one full swoop. look at consumer spending especially now, it's weak and many people may not respond well to price hikes. i talked with one ceo, ken powell, ceo of general mills how to control the potential impact on consumers. >> we know the market is gyrating a bit on corn right now. it's that time of year where
1:40 pm
every week there's a different piece of news. we haven't seen anything that would make us really materially change our expectation for our broad market basket inflation next year. >> so his point is, he doesn't expect big, dramatic change in prices despite the fact we are seeing a rise, slow rise, in prices for corn. >> there are so many things related to corn that i don't think people realize that could affect their prices as well. name a few. >> it's not just corn on the cob. corn is used in almost anything you can imagine. used in frozen pizza, marshmallows, wall paper paste, chewing gum. some ingredients in your foods like maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup comes from corn. the feed that goes to animals, there's corn in that. so you know, add dairy products, eggs, beef, chicken, pork, the list depending on the corn.
1:41 pm
if the feed is going up in price you're feeding your cow, pig, chick than could create a domino effect and potentially raise prices for meats as well. >> the domino effect. thanks. looking for the best boss in? my next best would be in the running if his employees attack a vacation. he gives them a bonus. $7500 bonus. that's next.
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♪ i want to get away >> cool. i love it! are you feeling overworked? you are not alone, according to a study by expedia. average american worker earns 14 days of vacation a year but only takes 12 of them. and take a look at this. u.s. is the only industrialized country in the world that does not require employers to provide paid vacation days. so check this out. imagine this, if your boss tells you not only do you need to take a vacation, but you're going to get an extra $7,500 if you do. like paid to take your vacation. now there's a catch. you can't work while you're out of the office while on vacation. so this sounds pretty outstanding and crazy. my next guest is offering paid paid vacations to his employees. burt, you're like the dream boss, where did you come from? >> i'm just from colorado.
1:45 pm
>> tell us how this came about, why are you doing this? >> well, what we found, especially in our industry, software high-tech, that is people don't unplug. we're on e-mail, twitter, facebook, on our phones, 24/7 and we work really, really hard and it's just not healthy. you know, people just don't disconnect when they take a vacation. we said, let's change that. >> so you are offering your employees, what? they get money and what are the conditions here? >> well, they get normal paid vacation but they also get $7,500 bonus when they take a vacation and choose their what we call off the grid vacation each year. >> what does that mean? no cell phone new york blackberry, nothing? >> that's right. disconnect from the grid. go off the grid completely. don't work. don't check your e-mail. don't call in. nothing. >> wow. so i assume everybody's taking these vacations in your company, right? did anybody say no, that's okay?
1:46 pm
>> everybody's really excited about it, planning some really neat vacations like costa rican surf trips, dream european vacations. >> one condition you can't do a staycation, you have to go somewhere, have a good time? >> no. no, actually, they can take a staycation. you can sit on your couch and just chill out if you want for a week. we don't care. >> okay. that's not bad either. we have a picture of you on vacation and you are texting while riding a camel. so i assume that that moment might haven spired you to change things up a bit. >> yeah, that's me with my fiancee sarah in front of the pyramids in egypt. my guys at work took that picture and framed it and put it on my wall as a remainder. over time i said, we've got to change this. >> how can you afford this? >> well, if you look at it in terms of the competitive salary land escape for tech, it's not
1:47 pm
that much compared to the salaries we pay. it's just another benefit. >> and we have a question. our whole team was discussing you earlier toe. any openings at your company there? >> if you visit, plenty of jobs available. >> you are hiring. i hope people are getting work done, too. there's still hard workers, bottom line. >> yeah, that's the point. we're a start-up tech company. we work hard, nights, weekends. we've got to decompress. >> we love that. we're going to make a suggestion. we're all going to e-mail our boss right now all at once just bomb her with this segment and send this to her. thank you, burt. good to see you. >> thank you. south carolina mom is now recovering from flesh-eating disease. we'll be speaking with her as she speaks about it for the first time. >> i'm glad to be alive and i mean i have my moments of pain
1:48 pm
and discomfort and i'm more tired than i used to be and weaker, and i'm getting used to that, but i'm also getting stronger. >> the latest on her recovery up ahead. ericans will see their taxes on dividend income spike, almost tripling in some cases. whether it's on him, or her, or them, it's a ripple effect on america's economy, slowing job creation, squeezing seniors and families, and hindering economic recovery. tell congress to stop a dividend tax hike now. go to to learn more.
1:49 pm
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neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®. welcome back. now to a story that can only be described as incredible. lana give birth to twins this may. days later she was diagnosed with a flesh eating virus. doctors performed 20 procedures and now she's going to be heading home this week. she just spoke to elizabeth cohen. what does she say? how is she doing? >> reporter: it was so inspiring to hear her. she looks great. she was joking with her friends. she really seemed to be enjoying
1:52 pm
herself. after more than 20 surgeries and nearly losing her life, there have been some tough moments. >> sometimes i cry over, you know, the fact that i'm sick. sometimes i cry over missing the babies. sometimes i've cried over knowing that life will never be what i'd always thought it will be, but it will still be a good life. >> reporter: one of doctors said she will be going home tomorrow. >> she seems incredibly strong and just an amazing woman. can you remind us what happened after she delivered her twins. >> reporter: four days later she's resting on the couch and looks down at her left thigh and sees a bruise in the form of a strip, as she put it. she showed it to her husband. both of them are emts.
1:53 pm
here is what he had to say. >> i was like ooh. that was my first expression. she said we need to go to the hospital. they literally took an ink pen and traced the outer edges of her discoloration and you could just about watch it move with your own eyes. >> reporter: darren told me that the bruising would grow about a quarter of an inch in two minutes. that's how quick the bacteria does its work. >> wow. that's amazing. when you look at her future and she talks to you and her husband talks to you, what do they hope for? >> reporter: what they are hoping for is a full recovery. recovery will take, it's a matter of months, many months. she is going home but she'll have home health care aids and do out patient. for the moment she can't walk on her own. even with a walker she can only walk a few hundred feet.
1:54 pm
>> we wish her the best. we wish her good health. thank you. this was the show of the century cut short. why did police pull the plug on paul mccartney? we'll tell you why. ♪
1:55 pm
♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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1:57 pm
. this is a match. paul mccartney and bruce springsteen singing together. things were going great until this. a lot of noise and no music. that's because the organizers cut off power while the two were singing. they pulled the plug because the show ran past its allotted time. madonna may be hit with a lawsuit because of what you're seeing right now. at her concert in paris, she flashed a video of far right
1:58 pm
wing party leader. it's a really quick montage but enough to outrage the front party. the image created a false impression of a connection between the national front and facism. her rep declined to comment other than to say the singer has included the image in her show since may. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with martin savidge. 20 minutes from now president obama is holding a town hall meeting in cincinnati, ohio. this is the president's eighth trip to that battleground state if you're keeping tabs. he's there more often than the cubs are to play the reds, and he does have a lead to maintain over mitt romney. polling shows he is leading romney in ohio by nine points. what is the president expected to say as he speaks soon?
1:59 pm
it's probably got a lot to do with bain. >> that's right. we expect the president to touch on corporate taxes and how romney support for eliminating the taxes on the foreign income of american companies will lead to jobs being created overseas. we expect, according to the campaign, the president will cite a report that puts the number at 800,000 jobs. what the president will try to do is make the connection between the jobs being created overseas at the expense of jobs in places like ohio. that's something that people in that state will be paying close attention to. they have been hit over the last decade or so with job loss especially in the manufacturing sector. the president has been touting how his bailout of the auto industry has helped to turn things around. this is an issue that voters are paying close attention to. it should point out that the same thing that the president will be pointing finger at mitt
2:00 pm
romney for supporting, some of his own economic advisors have supported in the past including some members of his export council. >> we're looking at live images. mitt romney is manning an apology after he may have committed a felony over at bain capital. is he ever going to get it? >> the president said he will not be apologized for the questions being raised. the reason for that and we've been talking about this for several days is this sec filing that shows that mitt romney was still listed in 2002 as the president, the chairman, the ceo of bain capital. this was long after mitt romney says he left that company. he put that year at 1999. the president says these are legitimate questions to ask because mitt romney has been touting his past experience, his resume as a reason for him to be
2:01 pm
qualified to run if country. he is saying this is something that voters need to pay very close attention to and a top campaign spokesperson was saying this is something that's resonating with the voters. the polling showing they pay attention and we expect him to continue to hammer away at romney on the issue of bain. >> thanks very much. we'll continue to follow the president's remarks and bring you some of them later. mitt romney is spending his day fund raising in the south. he's in louisiana right now. later he will travel to mississippi. the republican is rejecting calls for him to release more tax rumeturns. you're looking at his returns from 2010. he promises to release 2011 as well, but that's it. he says he doesn't feel compelled to go any further than that. >> the obama people keep wanting more and more.
2:02 pm
more things to pick through and to distort and be dishonest about. we're going to put out two years of tax returns. we put out one already. as soon as the most recent year is complete. we'll putt that out. >> romney is sharpening a new line of take this week hammering the president harder with accusations of political cronyism. now let's get you up to date. rapid fire. let's go. a few resupply ship took aim at a pleasure boat. officials say they issued a warning and then a warning shot before firing. one person was killed. he helped millions of people get their lives and careers right on track.
2:03 pm
stephen covey died. at 87. a brief tornado in poland caught on camera. one person is dead. ten others injured after a freak wave of storms battered the country. a witness said the tornado sucked up everything in its path. admit it this looks kind of fun. the world's longest human domino chain. 1,001 people toppled each other over. we've got a lot more to cover in the next two hours. watch this. >> we just pray that they are found and brought back to their families. >> few leads but lots of questions today over the disappearance of two iowa girls. they went for a bike ride and vanished. >> really trying to stay
2:04 pm
positive and pray and hope that god returns them to us safely. >> now the search for clues, anything to help find them. the oil and gas boom in texas may be good for the u.s. economy but not for the drug war. wait until you hear how smugglers are taking advantage of the easy access being carved out along our border. ncht those two americans taken hostage in egypt. they have been freed just hours ago. find out how it went down. [ feedback ] attention, well, everyone. you can now try snapshot from progressive free for 30 days. just plug this into your car, and your good driving can save you up to 30%. you could even try it without switching your insurance. why not give it a shot? carry on. now you can test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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2:07 pm
i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. now the story that is sending chills through parents akroosz the nation. two girls on a summer bike ride have disappeared. 8-year-old elizabeth collins. they are cousins. four days have passed. 900 volunteers have searched. their bikes have been found. investigators in closer to knowing if foul play is involved. >> try not to think anything negative until something negative shows up. i'm trying to stay positive and pray and hope that god returns
2:08 pm
them to us safely. >> i have grand kids. it's sad, you know, that their not found yet. >> fbi special agent in charge join us us on the phone. thank you for joining us. why is the fbi involved? >> since 1932 with the kidnapping of charles lindberg baby we've helped with investigations such as this. >> not asking for any additional assistance from the public. he explained that. >> i have not heard that. the fbi is still taking telephone calls at the omaha office. i know that the police department, the black hawk
2:09 pm
county sheriff department and other agencies have been swamped with leads that we are covering. >> let me stop you from the minute. we'll play the sound bite to hear what he said. >> right now we don't feel that putting more civilians out there on the street looking for us is going to be of any benefit. however, that's not, we're not discounting anything if we get some information that comes in that looks like it's pretty good that we need to check further, we can always call those folks back out. >> were you able to determine anything after the searches that took place this weekend? >> no. i think what the officer is referring to is the fact members of the public joined law enforcement in searching the area around the lake. as i said earlier we have received leads that we are still covering. we have put elizabeth collin and cook faces on the billboards in three states in iowa, nebraska,
2:10 pm
and illinois. we have deployed our child abduction rapid response team and in the process of calling out our human evidence team as well. >> give us the circumstances of where the girl ws were or when they were last seen. >> oo >> around the afternoon of friday, july 13th, they were last seen riding bikes near meyers lake. riric was wearing shorts. >> the girls bikes were located. anything else? >> that's it. bikes. i believe one of girl's purses. >> is fans of the purse, is it valuable? >> something i can't comment on at the moment. >> all right. is this a missing persons case
2:11 pm
or do you believe or do you have knowledge that a crime has been committed? >> we're treating it as both. both as a missing children's case and looking at the fact that something happened in the lake it. we're pursuing to courses of actions. >> all right. thanks for joining us. we wish you good luck in finding those two little girls. >> thank you. president obama in the battleground state of ohio, his eighth trip there. he's speaking now. let's listen. >> now, i've got a different idea. for example, governor romney said he would extend the tax t cuts for the wealthiest americans indefinitely. he says until he puts tax plan in place. his tax plan is not to keep all the bush tax cuts. he wants to put another $5
2:12 pm
trillion, it's estimated that it's almost impossible for you to bring down the deficit and deal with the debt with that kind of tax plan. nearly 40% of these new taxes would go to the top 1% of all households. we have not found any serious economic study that says governor romney's economic plan would create jobs until today. i've got to be honest. today we found out there's a new study out by nonpartisan economists that says the plan would create 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. they'd be in other countries.
2:13 pm
by eliminating taxes on foreign income, it would earn courage companies to shift to foreign tax havens. this shouldn't be a surprise because governor's romney's invest has been investing in what were called pioneers of the business of outsourcing. now he wants to give more tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas. i want everybody to understand, ohio, i've got a different theory. we don't need a president who plans to ship more jobs overseas or wants to give more tax breaks to companies that are shipping overseas. i want to give tax breaks to companies that are investigating right here in ohio. that are investing in cincinnati. i want to give incentives to companies that are investing in
2:14 pm
you, the american people, to create american jobs making american goods that we're selling around the world, stamped with three proud word, made in america. that's why i'm running for president of the united states. [ applause ] now, the difference extends not just to difference in corporate taxes, it's also individual. >> president obama as he speaks to a supported crowd. we'll continue to listen. you can continue to listen by going to to continue to hear the president. moving on, a syrian ambassador leaves his post. he says he can't standby and watch the massacres. just a quick note for those of you heading out the door. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or you
2:15 pm
can watch from your desktop. go to and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy. who switched to aleve. and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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reports out of damascus call it the heaviest fighting yet. it's potentially ominous sign for the regime of assad. reports site clashes in several areas including the large neighborhoods. rebels blasted a car that was believed to be carrying members of government malitia. their claims that all was calm seemed at odds with gunfire. ivan watson continues to follow the fighting in syria. let me ask you this, how
2:19 pm
noteworthy is it that the fighting has spiked inside syria's capitol city? >> reporter: the fighting is creeping closer and closer to damascus. for the last two days we have been hearing reports of pitched battle skirmishes taking place. reports that syrian security forces have been rushing scrambling to face the rebels riding in the back of pickup trucks. in some cases in buses or moving armored personnel carriers. a definite sign that the authority, the control that the syrian regime enjoyed for quite some time is really being challenged now. we've been seeing remarkable videos filmed by opposition activists and rebel camera men showing these pitched battles in the back alleys and back streets where you've got guys firing away, blasting away with machine
2:20 pm
guns and semiautomatic rifles and tanks and in some cases we see a very brave fighter whose rocket propel launcher jammed and doesn't pop off at the tank he is facing. another case activist setting fire to roadblocks running through damascus blocking traffic in what a rebel spokesman said was an attempt to cut off supply lines to the security forces to ease the pressure on the rebels in these battles. one rebel spokesman i've spoken to said the battle for damascus is coming. we may be seeing the first shots in that battle. >> you spoke over the weekend with the highest defactor, did he give you any insight to what the regime is thinking? >> reporter: i asked syria's
2:21 pm
ambassador to baghdad. it was a key diplomatic post. i asked what is he thinking? he said he defected because the syrian president made a personal pledge that he would impose reforms about a year ago and saw no hope of those reforms actually being followed through. he accused his former boss of lying. here is an excerpt from that lengthy interview with the highest ranking interview to defect in this 16 month uprising. >> who is making the decisions in damascus right now? who is directing the syrian government policy at facing this uprising? >> translator: there's only one person who gives the orders. one person who is the president.
2:22 pm
the rest of the personnel are the only people who obey. >> reporter: he went onto say that the regime are basically trapped. he claims that they have started war on blood and really have no way out right now. martin. >> good reporting. thank you very much. oil and gas companies building new roads through texas ranches. now drug traffickers are using the same roads to avoid border patrols. hear about the creative tactics, next. ♪ ♪ ♪
2:23 pm
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. the push for oil and gas beneath the remote regions of south texas has opened the doors to a different kind of discovery, drug traffickers. new pipelines are following the path of recently heavy duty roads designed to transport drilling equipment into the
2:26 pm
eagle shell formation. good to see you. thanks for being with us. how are the smugglers getting onto the roads and aren't there enough agents to patrol the area? >> well, these will use anything to avoid our check points. we have seem them camouflage their drugs inside this oil and industry vehicles, trucks. we've had corrupt farmers, ranche ranchers. they will pay them money to open gates. with the new roads coming into play with this expansion, it is difficult. however, we are addressing the problem. we're working with the oil and gas people. we're working with homeland security. it is a problem. we've seen somewhere they are camouflaged them.
2:27 pm
>> what sort of things are being smuggled? is it people, drugs, weapons? >> we've seen the marijuana. we've seen the cocaine. they is smuggle anything from human beings to animals. we've had seizures of narcotics now. >> you were mentioning creative word trying to disguise their vehicles as belonging to the oil and gas industry. to bwhat extreme do they do tha? >> money drives all extremes. they will camouflage it. we've seen it in the those tanker tractors, tanker trailers. we've seen them clone it. they will put the oil and gas company out there. we've seen them hitting in the compartments. with all the trucks out there
2:28 pm
that with this new explosion in this industry, we're seeing any methods they can use to smuggle the dope inside the vehicles. >> i've done a number of stories down there on corruption and there's a lot of money that the drug industry produces. i presume you're finding that people are being bribed? >> yes. we've seen some corrupt employees. we've seen some corrupt ranchers, farmers. they pay them money and give them an envelope to open a certain gate. they know they are doing something wrong. they will take the cash. everything is being done to avoid the check points. weav we're getting a lot of solid roads for the industry. they're taking advantage of this. >> what are the energy companies saying or doing about this? are they cooperating, helping? >> yes. we're working with them hand in hand. we're working with them.
2:29 pm
we're working with our federal and state partners. they are being very cooperative, and they understand the problem. >> right. it's an interesting problem because the state, the country benefits from the oil and gas development. the side effect is you have these roads with the drug smugglers. >> it is. it's creating a lot of great jobs. however, we know the traffickers will use whatever they can to move their dope, corrupting people, using the tractor trailer industry. taking advantage of the roads and all being done to avoid our check points. >> thank you very much for the work you do. we wish you good luck in keeping the drug smugglers out. two americans kidnapped in egypt over the weekend. they have been released. it happened hours ago. we'll tell you how they're doing and tell you how they got free.
2:30 pm
2:31 pm
2:32 pm
2:33 pm
the court-martial of a former air force instructor gets under way. louis walker faces 28 charges including rape, adultery and aggravated sexual assault. 31 victims said they were victims of sexual misconduct. 12 air force instructors are under investigation. the department of homeland security will let florida use a database to purge noncitizens from its voter roll. it could keep legal citizens from exercising their right to vote. rick scott says the process will ensure that election laws are upheld. >> the right to vote a sacred right. we've got to make sure that u.s. citizens right to vote is not diluted. the judge said it would cause harm in that happened. we're going to go through a
2:34 pm
responsible, logical process to make sure the non-u.s. citizens do not vote but u.s. citizens, we want them to vote. a recall at ford motor company. they say the carpet pattern could interfere with a brake pedal on escapes. it only applies to 2013 models. it's been raining so hard in southern japan that people are being swept away. so far 28 people are confirmed dead. there's not a whole lot of relief in sight with more downpours predicted today. to americans kidnapped in egypt are now free. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life.
2:35 pm
virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
2:36 pm
2:37 pm
two americans are out of captivity in egypt. security officials say they did not give in to the kidnappers to make it happen. this is captain michel louis and lisa alphonse. the uncle had been arrested with a half ton of drugs in another city. the americans were traveling on the sinai peninsula when gunmen attacked their tour bus.
2:38 pm
the pastors children explained how he intervened. >> the leader not only been the leader of the missionary group. he stood up and he just asked that they leave the lady and take him. >> joining me now on the phone is reporter fami. they did not free the kidnapper which begs the question how did the americans become free? >> that is correct. they informed me they did not give into the demands because that would have encouraged others to kidnap tourists. it's unclear how this resolution was reached. we know the kidnapper is free. he's out there. i spoke to the hostages as soon as they were released and arrived at the police station.
2:39 pm
the message from mr. michel louis is thank god or governors for securing our release. we're headed to israel to join the members of our church as soon as we get our passport. tell my family i'm in good health and not taking my medicine since friday so i'm a little tired. >> i know the pastor suffers from diabetes. are they both physically all right? i don't know how you measure their mental suffering but are they physically fine? >> they seem in good spirits. i spoke to lisa who was abducted with him. they seem happy and relieved. he is a little tired. we knew he got an attack. a diabetic attack during his situation. we were not clear if he got his medicine or not but he's clarified he's not received medicine since friday. it's the peak of the summer and will be moved around by the
2:40 pm
kidnappers. it must have been a tough ordeal for them. >> i imagine their loved ones were notified. how were they notified. they made call to the police station as soon as they arrived. we also have obtained videos from the police station that we will be putting up on cnn where he is talking to his family. we are following up on the story. they are on the way to israel to join the members of the church that came to sinai with them on a missionary church trip. >> i understand that egyptian security authorities are placing some of the blame on the travel agents that handled the bus tour for letting the bus travel through the sinai area in egypt. what is the security concern? >> there's been half a dozen kidnaps since the uprising.
2:41 pm
there's been a security vacuum. police have not been doing enough patrolling, not securing the area. the head of security says he blames the travel agents for not informing them about this bus tour. the area has become infested with terrorist groups, smugglers, weapon dealers. now with the new president in the country, he is definitely going to try to improve the situation. that's one of the main goals on his list. >> there's no question it's been a lot of instability. do you know more about the alleged kidnapper? >> he's well known in the community for being a critical. he's wanted for a 100-year sentence. he's opinion on the road and hiding. he's been doing a lot of criminal activity. the release of his uncle who was obtained or drug churches.
2:42 pm
he is now still free and very connected. during the ordeal he was moving around the egyptian border which made it harder for the security forces. >> interesting. thank you very much for the good news that two americans have been freed. a new mother of twins comes home with something else, flesh eating bacteria. forces her back in the hospital for weeks shp she is telling us about her ordeal, next. em. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate!
2:43 pm
geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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2:45 pm
a south carolina mother is going to celebrate a homecoming unlike any other, going from the maternity ward to the icu in just days. lana just gave birth to twins when her body had to take only a
2:46 pm
challenge that nearly killed her. after two months and 20 surgeries she's expected the go home this week. >> lana had two type that involved flesh eating bacteria which is really very serious type. >> elizabeth komen is live in greenville, south carolina where she's recovering. how is she doing? >> reporter: martin, she looks great. she was at the press conference joking with her friends. she seemed to really be enjoying herself. as you can imagine after having more than 20 surgeries and nearly losing her life there were some tough moments. >> sometimes i cry over the fact that i'm sick. sometimes i cry over missing the
2:47 pm
babies. sometimes i've cried over knowing that life will never be like, i guess, i always thought it would be, but it will still be a good life. >> remind us -- >> reporter: martin -- go ahead. >> i was going to ask you to remind us after she had the twins. >> reporter: four days later she's lying on the couch and noted a strange thing that went like a bruise. it kind of went in a stripe down her leg. she's an emt. she knew it was not normal. she showed it to her husband and this is what he had to say. >> i was like ooh. that was my first expression. she said we need to go to the hospital. they literally took an ink pen and traced the outer edges of her discoloration, and you could just about watch it move with
2:48 pm
your own eyes. >> reporter: you know what, darren, told me in just 20 minutes you could watch the bruise grow about a quarter of an inch. that was the bacteria killing tissue. >> wow. she's very lucky that the two of them had the expertise to recognize what was happening. >> reporter: that's right her doctors were clear that she and her husband is the reason why she's still alive today. if they wasted any time in getting to the doctor, she might not be with us. martin, i think this is a great empower message for all of us. if something odd has happened to you, act on it. if a doctor says no it's nothing. say it is something. you really have to take control. the good news continues this time for the georgia woman who lost parts of all of her limbs
2:49 pm
to flesh eating bacteria. amy copeland became infected after she fell from a homemade zip line. she's return home next month to a nearly 2,000 square foot addition to the family's home. she's been meeting with the interior designers to personalize the space which is expected to be done in about 40 days. that's very good news for her. a syrian ambassador defects and calls for military intervention. we'll tell you why. more than 200,000 people are arriving in london just today. they are gearing up for the olympics and the security headaches are happening now. uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel. because we only do hotels. wow. i like that. nice no. laugh... awe uch ooh, yeah hmm nice huh book it! oh boy
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tdd# 1-800-345-2550 call 1-800-540-0051 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and start trading today. gunmen have abducted the libya's olympic chief. the motives are not yet known.
2:53 pm
while in london, there's a scramble to provide enough security. we're just ten days out from the start of the olympics. british government has been forced to call in backup after private security company falls short on its promise to provide enough security workers. in what's the largest domestic security mobilization since world war ii, 3500 troops have been called in. the top brass were quick to put on a brave face. >> london is as well prepared, if not better prepared, than any previous olympic city at this stage in proceedings 12 days out. >> i have confidence that the right levels of safety and security will be here during games time. >> there are concerns, and they are growing about how prepared they are as thousands of athletes and visitors arrive. >> reporter: the british home secretary has been called to
2:54 pm
parliament to answer urgent questions about the failings of this private security firm g4s which was supposed to provide 10,000 guards. now we know the firm says it cannot provide the guards because of a software malfunction which means it doesn't know how many guards have been accredited. who will turn up where at the right time. the government has had to step in at the very last minute to provide three and a half how soldiers and some police as well to bridge the gap everyone is asking why it's taken until now, less than two weeks before the opening ceremony for these failings to come to light. she was only made aware of these failings last wednesday under severe questioning from the opposition labor party who thinks she may have had an
2:55 pm
inkling early on. the chief executive of this firm will be called before a powerful committee of politicians on tuesday to explain why the failing has happened and why now only ten days before the opening ceremony are we scrambling to mobilize troops, some of which have come back from afghanistan having to cancel their summer holidays in order to step in and fill the gap. thank you very much. now for something you find on just about every hotel television set, porn. some people want hotels to remove that. here is susan candiotti. >> reporter: in many hotel rooms finding adult entertainment is as simple as a click of the remote but that may change. >> we're reachi ining out to pe who are profiting and pointing out it's bad thing to do.
2:56 pm
>> reporter: a christian scholar from princeton wrote a letter to ceos from the top five u.s. hotel groups asking them to remove adult movies. >> we believe that despite the liucrative nature that hotel executive, shareholders can act on the basis of conscience here. >> reporter: they acknowledge that porn will still exist. he just hopes to limit access to it. >> society pays heavy costs in terms of damage relationships, wounded people, addiction. >> reporter: craig gross agrees but feels going after hotels is the wrong approach. >> it's an empty gesture. >> reporter: he ministers to those addicted to porn. he prefers to target the demand, not the supplier. >> this is about money and
2:57 pm
dollars. that's why it's sold in hotel. removing it in hotels isn't the issue. the issue is that people are consuming it. >> reporter: it would still be available on the internet and mobile devices even if hotels pull the plug. >> are we going to ask them to stop stocking the mini bar? >> reporter: porn star ron jermy says there are many normal adults who watch porn movies. he says you will always have the option not to watch. >> if you don't want to watch, watch gilligan's island reruns. i do. it's fine. >> reporter: professor george hopes hotel ceos see it differently. >> there's some things that are so contrary to our humanity that they shouldn't be for sell either. >> reporter: the omni hotel
2:58 pm
dropped it in 1999. m marriott says the new hotels won't have been them and hope to phase out by 2013. others haven't responded to the letter. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. false, dishonest. mitt romney stopping just short of calling president barack obama a liar. the republican is spending his day fund raising in the south. he is fighting mad after the president refused to apologize for attacks on his former company, bain capital. mr. obama's deputy campaign manger says he committed a felony. >> i think when people accuse you of a crime, you have every reason to go after them pretty hard. i'm going to continue going after him. one after the other of their attacks have been shown to be dishonest and false. a campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty does not have
2:59 pm
long legs. >> i want to bring in our national political economist. we have seen this getting pretty ugly. does this resonate with voters when they hear the back and forth? >> i don't know. i talked to a few voters out there on the campaign trail. every one of them will tell you they hate this stuff. then every expert will say this works. there's a reason why the campaigns are going back and forth and there's a reason why the obama campaign has been ataa attacking mitt romney and his tax returns. they believe they are working. the president defended attacks. he says mr. romney has called himself mr. fix it, so the president says governor romney's business experience is going to be front and center at this stage of the campaign.

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